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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  June 22, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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good morning, america. breaking news overnight. an al qaeda prison break in the world's most dangerous country. 40 terrorists now on the loose and a desperate search to hunt them down. courtroom bombshell. the surprise witness in the murder trial of casey anthony. could the woman who was jailed right alongside her blow casey's story wide-open? catch that kid. the 7-year-old speed demon who took the wheel and led police on a wild chase. all caught on camera. and let's talk about sex. why some parents are letting their teenagers sleep together right under their roof. how far would you go to keep your kids safe? even in the room next door?
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good morning, everyone. boy, a lot of stories developing overnight, including a near-miss including two jumbo jets at jfk international airport, right here in new york. it happened monday night. we're going to hear just how close the two airliners came. we have the air traffic control tapes. it was scary. and michelle obama making an emotional speech overnight in south africa. we will hear her inspiring words. she had a chance to see nelson mandela. it wasn't planned. so, we'll have all that coming up. but with the breaking news of a massive prison break. 40 al qaeda terrorists. martha raddatz has been tracking that overnight. martha? >> reporter: good morning, robin. 40 militants now on the loose in yemen. 40 al qaeda militants. this is considered the most dangerous country in the world towards the united states. the president there had to flee to saudi arabia. he was badly injured last month. there is chaos there. al qaeda has training camps
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there. and this has happened before. militants escaped. and u.s. officials strongly suspected the yemeni government. they were on the verge of civil war. and this is more instability. robin? >> it is and so much going on there. what can you tell us about that american-born terrorist, anwar awlaki. he is still on the loose out there. >> reporter: he is on the loose. there was a near miss. a u.s. drone almost killed him just days after osama bin laden was killed. but he has since disappeared in the chaos. it is getting worse there, robin. >> such a hot spot. thanks for coming in. all right, martha. thank you. let's turn to josh elliott for the other stories developing. >> good morning. we're talking about that near-miss at one of the largest airports. a lufthansa jet speeding toward takeoff at jfk airport, here in new york, approaching some 180 miles per hour, when an egypt
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airplane took a wrong turn on to its runway. now, the lufthansa pilots had to hit the brakes, so hard they worried they became overheated. let's listen to what it all sounded like. >> cancel takeoff plans. >> lufthansa, 411 heavy is rejecting takeoff. now we hold our position? >> yes, hold your position as we see what's going on. no need to speak about it on frequency. >> i thought those were coming together. that was quite a show. thought it was going to be a short career. >> sources tell "the new york post" appears the egypt air crew simply took a wrong turn. the faa is investigating. meanwhile, in chicago, thousands were stranded at the city's airport there, after a major storm moved through canceling some 300 flights. a 250,000 people lost power while commuter trains were stopped for up to 5 hours. while to the north in wisconsin,
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several reported tornadoes downed trees and damaged dozens of homes. meanwhile, this morning, 11,000 people are under evacuation orders in north dakota where the souris river is about to overtake the city of minot. the worst flood in 40 years. part of the city could be under water for up to six weeks. meanwhile, in southern arizona, at least 58 homes have now been destroyed by that massive wildfire, burning near sierra vista. one that's not even half-contained. crews are facing more hot and dry conditions today. overseas financial markets are getting a boost after the prime minister of greece survived a no confidence vote. his proposed spending cuts have touched off violent protests in the nation amid concern that the greek debt crisis could now sink the global economy. and another blow to the newt gingrich presidential campaign. his top two fund-raisers have quit. 16 other top staffers resigned earlier this month amid reports that the campaign is now some $100 million in debt. that is a quick check on the
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headlines. now, back to you, george. >> thanks, josh. with that, let's get to the latest republican candidate to officially jump into the race, former utah governor jon huntsman in the studio. thanks for coming in. >> thank you, george. >> president obama said to make a very big speech tonight, announcing his exit strategy from afghanistan. likely to say that 10,000 troops will come home, all the surge troops, 30,000 by 2012. does that sound like the right strategy? in the past you said we're wasting strategic resources. >> it sounds a little slow and a little cautious when you look at one out of every six dollars in support of what we're doing in afghanistan. >> more now. >> well, i think over the next year i think there is room to draw down more. >> how many more? >> well, we'll get serious about the numbers at some point. but i think more aggressive than -- >> more than 10,000 over the next year? >> more than 10,000 over the
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next year. i think what you want to be left with is a good counterterror capability, an intelligence collection capable, some trading capability. i think we have to say 9 years and 50 days into the conflict. the money that has been spent between both conflicts, well over a trillion dollars, i think we have to say what have we accomplished in afghanistan? >> let's talk about the economy. you promised yesterday a civil campaign, as you addressed our number one challenge on the economy. but the obama campaign hasn't been shy about taking on your ideas right away. the first press release from the campaign was directed at you. what ben lobalt had to say -- wipe out investments for the future. and would the tax cuts for the richest americans, while shifting the burden on to seniors and middle-class families. he says you're proposing a return to the failed economic policies that led us into the recession. >> we're in economic dire straits. this country needs a serious conversation about where we go from here.
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it has to be serious about entitlements on the table. all of them. defense department on the table about how to revive the economy that doesn't carry with it a lot of confidence. until there's confidence, you won't get businesses willing to deploy capital investment -- >> they're saying your embrace of the ryan budget will hurt middle-class families. >> there's a lot of political hyperbole making the rounds today. what the ryan plan is is a real proposal. i have yet to see anything from the democrats that would resemble a serious proposal on the table. i see campaign commercials that go on that use scare tactics. but what ryan has done is actually put some concrete measures on the table, the deal with entitlements. the deal with spending longer-term. >> so you'd -- >> there's a lot there to like. >> the president's team has said you've been changing your tune. and of course you served as the president's ambassador to china. and once wrote he was a
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remarkable leader. but david axelrod and others said when you were ambassador they had meetings where behind the scenes you embraced the president's economic plans. and you encouraged his efforts on health care. when they say that, are they not telling the truth? >> i think a lot of that is nonsense. >> not true? >> when you -- listen, when a group comes to town, as they did once for a state visit, when you greet them, you congratulate them on what they're doing, good work on your legislative victories. that should not be smis misinterpreted as a wholesale embrace of what they're doing. i don't know where that's coming from. the fact that everyone -- >> it's coming from david axelrod. >> you would expect that, you know, in a political environment. but, listen, i have respect for the president. he's a good man. he's earnest and hard working. we have fundamental disagreements on the direction of the country. 2012 is going to be a critically important election year because it will have everything to do
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with resetting our numbers. getting our economy back on track. and i believe resetting our position in the world from a generational standpoint. >> finally, i have to ask about your first campaign ad. that motocross rider going across the desert. that turns out it isn't you. what are you trying to say with that ad? >> if had been me we would have been going a lot faster. my riding gear, we couldn't set out the logistics. it's to get people talking. you know, you throw up a corny commercial. and it gets people talking. and i think we've achieved the intended purpose. and here we are. now, a day into it and feeling pretty good. >> you certainly have done that. we'll see you on the trail. >> thanks. now, to a story sure to outrage taxpayers everywhere. lavish, overseas travel for government officials and a program that's raising lots of question, thanks in part to abc's investigation and our brian ross. and, brian, let me understand
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this. they were traveling to study billboards? >> reporter: that's exactly right, robin. for years, the federal government has spent millions of taxpayer dollars, sending large contingents of bureaucrats around the world, to look at and take pictures of the roads and highways of foreign countries. and to study outdoor advertising, billboards. the first stop last year was australia, with the 12-member team staying at a luxury hotel on sydney's famed harbor. meals were scheduled at the country's top restaurants. and taxpayers picked up the bill for cocktail parties thrown by the american officials for their australian counterparts. all set up so the americans could look at australian billboards, snapping photos that ended up in a 76-page report about outdoor advertising policy that few people ever saw. >> the taxpayers certainly should be outraged that their
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money is being spent on this type of activity, when our roads are falling apart, gas taxes and prices are at an all-time high. >> reporter: but for the 12-member team, made up mostly of federal and state highway officials, it was an all-expense-paid trip from around the world. from australia, they moved on to sweden to look at outdoor advertising there. then to the netherlands and on to scotland. >> no one even gets to take a vacation like that. it really is a ridiculous use of our money. >> reporter: the group finished their tour of the world's billboards in london, with everyone staying at a luxury hotel around the corner from buckingham palace. the final report, filled with snapshots of billboards, called the trip's result a large savings of research dollars and time. that was the official position, until abc news began to investigate. last night, just hours after we asked secretary of transportation raymond lahood
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about the program, which has spent more than $12 million over the last decade, lahood said he ordered it to be suspended. the action came at the very time another team of his officials were already in the middle of a trip right now. they won't be back until next week. >> this definitely falls under the pointless waste category. >> words well chosen by secretary lahood. >> he didn't waste any time. we'll switch gears. pharmacies across the country are on high alert today, taking new measures to protect their stores, after a brutal execution in broad daylight at a long island pharmacy. andrea canning is on the story. and everyone is so concerned because this killer is on the loose. >> reporter: this man is an animal. police say he may be back for more having killed these innocent people execution style but detectives are revealing he wasn't after the cash register.
7:13 am
he was after prescription painkillers. and has some pharmacies taking precautions with this crime on the rise across the country. police are on a desperate manhunt to find this man. considered extremely dangerous. his image captured here after stealing a backpack full of prescription painkillers and going on a murder rampage, killing everyone in the store. >> so horrible. i can't believe it, actually. >> reporter: two of the victims were customers. jamie was planning a wedding. her fiance discovered her body in the store. the other two worked at the pharmacy. jennifer, just 17, was supposed to go to her senior prom this week. >> she didn't deserve this. >> reporter: police say the suspect calmly walked out of the store and now fear he could strike again soon. possibly desperate for more drugs. they say addicts and dealers are so desperate to get their hands on the prescription pills they often leave behind the money. >> it was a question of going in
7:14 am
there, getting oxycontin and getting out of there. >> we have cameras here, cameras here. >> reporter: drug enforcement agents have been calling on pharmacist everywhere to boost security. long island alone has seen a 125% increase in holdups in the past two years. the pharmacy in this case, haven drugs, had been struck 3 times in the past 19 months. >> when something like that happen, i don't think any place is safe. >> reporter: residents of the neighborhood are now just hoping no one else is killed before this cold-blooded killer is finally caught. >> this guy is a monster. absolutely a monster. and they will catch him. >> reporter: as i mentioned one of the victims, jamie, was to be married in october. instead, we now have word that she'll be buried on saturday in the wedding dress she recently picked out with her mother. and there's a $5,000 reward leading to the capture of this guy. >> absolute animal. now to the first lady and her historic trip to south africa. she's been making headlines everywhere she goes. josh is back and tracking this
7:15 am
for us. >> indeed, robin. very enthusiastic reception for the first lady today. a standing ovation for her and really her words of inspiration, as she spoke to a collection of young women from across africa. ♪ this morning in soweto, a place smon synonymous with the struggle against apartheid, she struck an emotional chord as she encouraged people to create racial harmony and transform the world. >> as bobby kennedy said years ago, you are joined with fellow young people in every land. they, struggling with their problems, and you with yours, but all joined in a common purpose, determined to build a better future. if anyone ever tells you that you shouldn't or you can't, and i want you to say with one voice, the voice of a generation, you tell them, yes,
7:16 am
we can. >> reporter: the first lady, her daughters and her mother, marion robinson, had earlier met with former south african president nelson mandela. the first lady had never met the man whose lifelong struggle united his country. in fact, they had been visiting his foundation, when mandela, in ill health of late, had surprisingly sent word that they were invited to his home. and after meeting with mandela, mrs. obama and her family visited a day-care center and showed off their dancing skills. ♪ >> so, all we could do -- >> reporter: and showed how reading is fun and fundamental by sharing an american classic with the children of johannesburg. dr. seuss' "the cat in the hat." >> i know some good games we could play, said the cat. i know some new tricks, said the cat in the hat. >> terrific stuff. robin, you can be sure the girls
7:17 am
will have plenty of fodder for the how i spent my summer vacation essays they'll have due. >> "cat in the hat" is universal. >> that plus saying, nelson and i, we hung out. >> we were in town and decided to stop on by. >> great to see him again healthy enough to receive them. he was terrific. let's get over, now, to sam. good morning, there, sam. >> good morning, robin, george, josh, everyone. thunderstorms, a lot on the board. look at that red zone spread out. from shreveport up to detroit and back over to philly. this will kick up in the afternoon. some big heat, searing heat opens up in the southwest. we're not talking records yet but it's taken a while to get this kind of heat. eye cool there, 109 in palm springs. 106 in vegas. excessive heat warnings from palm springs, to phoenix, to yuma involved in that, as well.
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happy first full day of summer. hope you celebrated the solstice, george. >> absolutely, sam. thank you for that. now to a little boy on a mission. a 7-year-old in michigan really, really missed his dad so he did something about it. and rob nelson explains why that set police on a chase. >> reporter: it was this jarring 911 call that first alerted police that something was amiss. >> believe it or not, i just passed about a 5-year-old, 6-year-old kid flying down the road with a red pontiac sunbird. >> reporter: that's him. a 7-year-old boy racing down this michigan road monday morning in his stepfather's car. >> i was in fear he would hit somebody or crash. >> reporter: the terrifying ride caught on camera by this police car dash cam. >> he was traveling 50 miles an hour in a 55 zone. and he had driven off on the shoulder a couple of times. >> reporter: there were deep ditches on the side of this country road, which the young driver kept swerving into it. >> you can see that cloud of dust. and that car is sliding.
7:20 am
>> reporter: with police in hot pursuit, the boy speeds up. and authorities decide they have to take action. one officer pulls ahead to get in front and force him to slow down. >> when i went past him you could see the look on his face, he was crying. and i was trying to get around him as fast as i could. >> the plan worked. the car came to a stop but not a complete one. >> the car lunged forward. so, my interaction with him shifted from trying to get him to unlock the door to get him to put his foot on the brake. >> reporter: he was shoeless and in pajamas telling police he was trying to get to the house of his biological dad. for "good morning america," rob nelson, abc news, new york. >> see him when he gets that -- i'm so glad that ended up okay. >> i know. >> i hope he gets to see his dad. >> that, too. he apparently really wanted to. coming up, surprise witness in the murder trial of casey anthony. could the inmate who was in jail with her blow apart casey's defense? and bad behavior caught on tape. the growing risk of being rude in public as shaming those viral. óó
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check out some of the fog hanging around downtown san francisco. it does signal a change in the air mass. we're running 52 in san francisco and 58 in antioch. still hot in the mid valleys. mid to upper 70s to the south bay and north bay. temperatures about 15-20 degrees cooler by saturday. cooler by saturday. >> mike,
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who is this woman? she may be the key to a shocking twist in the casey anthony trial. fellow inmate. right next to casey's cell. she could also seal casey's fate. "good morning america," we'll get to that in just a moment. boy, there's a new twist every day in this trial. >> and we're asking why now? why are we learning about her now? we'll ask dan abrams and nancy grace about that. also, the stress express. the passengers melt down on a train goes viral thanks to another passenger wielding a cell phone camera. always seems to have one out. we're going to show you how more and more people behaving badly are getting called out online. >> no such thing as private moments anymore. and here's the question of the morning. big debate. is there no place like home when
7:31 am
it comes to your teenagers and sex? >> you heard that. >> that's right. elisabeth hasselbeck talked to teenagers and parents and this is a hot one. some saying the best thing to do is bring it inside the home. you know what's going on. others are saying, are you kidding me? we'll look at that in a little bit. >> i've already posed that on twitter. and the response has been unbelievable, as you can imagine. that's in our next half hour. right now, to the bombshell in the casey anthony trial. the prosecution is investigating a woman they say may unravel the defense's claim that little caylee accidentally drowned in her grandparents' pool. ashleigh banfield is down in orlando for us. good morning, ash. >> reporter: hi, robin. you know, this was such a bombshell. and i got to be honest with you. it seemed like a run-of-the-mill day. first, we had a defense botanist who discussed leaf litter actually suggested they may have been dumped while casey was sitting in a jail cell.
7:32 am
then, a dna expert said if that duct tape was the murder weapon little caylee's dna should have been all over it. but then, the bombshell that was supposed to be, it wasn't. but then that incredible moment happened when the jury wasn't there and neither was the witness. what started as a routine discovery issue in court -- >> and that information was provided to you by law enforcement when? >> reporter: -- may turn out to be a major discovery in the case. prosecutors are now investigating a tip about a witness that could drop a bombshell. >> the name of the witness is april whalen. >> reporter: april whalen. a repeat offender who back in 2009 was held for five days with casey anthony in the same dorm at the county jail. and april's life story sounds an awful like casey's defense. >> her child died in a swimming pool and was found by the child's grandfather. >> reporter: april's family wasn't interested in answering our questions. but april herself may have to answer to prosecutors. they plan to ask her about what, if anything, she shared with
7:33 am
casey or other inmates. the jail told abc news, there are no jail records, investigations, or reports that indicate any contact between anthony and whalen occurred. but whalen's parents have a different story. telling abc news, the two did talk. describing their conversations as, quote, stupid stuff. nothing in particular. >> hi. >> reporter: while plenty of video showed her talking to her parents, she's forbidden to talking to other inmates. so, if casey did hear whalen's story, how did it happen? >> miss whalen was in an adjacent cell. >> reporter: the cells aren't soundproof and inmates hear each other through the vents. the question is now, will the jury hear the inmate in the courtroom? and then, also the prosecutors offered up some pretty interesting new discovery as well about the computer activity on the day that casey says that little girl drowned. the prosecutors say, whatever
7:34 am
was going on on that family computer, really might indicate there wasn't so much of an energy going on in that backyard. but we don't know if we're going to hear about it yet, robin. it's such a mystery. >> if we do, i know you'll tweet about it as you have been throughout the trial. >> reporter: i have a feeling. >> yes, all right. >> reporter: we're at 1,400 right now, i think. >> my goodness. have a good day. thanks. let's bring in the rest of our trial team. nancy grace feeling much better and she is the host of "nancy grace" on hln. good to have you with us. and "gma" legal analyst dan abrams back in the studio with us. let's talk about this surprise potential witness, april whalen. what is your take on all this? >> well, i have taken a look at the two stories. and they are absurdly similar. both are toddler children. both above-ground pools. both found by the grandfather. both wandered away while the family inside. both get out of the pool dead.
7:35 am
the moment they're taken out of the pool, essentially, they're in the same neighborhood. they're only a few miles apart. i don't know if you've been in a jailhouse before. i hope you haven't. but you can hear everything going on. it keeps you up all night long, the chattering and talking. if they were adjacent cellmates, tot mom, casey anthony, could definitely hear what april whalen was saying. that's not even a concern. there is no coincidence in criminal law. these stories are startlingly similar. and it seems as if tot mom copycatted her story point accidental drowning from inmate april whalen. >> i don't know. this seems to me to be so speculative. sure, it's possible that casey anthony heard -- overheard an inmate talking about this in a prison. but then to suggest that then she says, okay. that's going to be my defense. that's finally what i'm going to do.
7:36 am
i mean, is it possible? yeah, it's possible. is it likely? in my view, i predict that we will not see april whalen on the witness stand. >> why are we just hearing about her now? >> why are we? two reasons. >> had a good thing going. sorry, dan. the state has a good thing going. why would they blow it up with an inmate who will lose credibility on cross-examination? why blow the position by putting up one, stinky witness? >> i do think it would be very speculative. yes, why now. first of all because the defense just laid out in its opening statement, its theory. so, its theory that the grandfather finds the child in the pool. and he's the one who takes the body so prosecutors say that's the first time we heard about that. so, this new witness we only realized could be relevant once that defense was. so, i think that's a the reason the prosecutors would say this is a new witness. you may ask why didn't they present it in their own case?
7:37 am
"a," people come forward, evidence comes forward. and "b" because the defense's opening statement was a lot -- or the first time a lot heard about it. >> the prosecution digging deeper and saying it doesn't jive with what casey says went down and with the computer. >> that could be an important witness. if they're able to demonstrate based on computer records, the story, the account, the timing of what casey's saying she was doing when doesn't make sense that could be significant. you heard the defense team on this complaining. saying, we're supposed to get this earlier. >> guy, you do you know what the search is? looking at images of shot girl, images of girls selling shots are on the computer popping up. there is a search there on the day she says her daughter drown in the backyard.
7:38 am
and you want me to believe she's on the computer, with her daughter dead, dripping wet, on the living room floor. and she's looking up images of what shot girls should wear when she takes a job as a shot girl? no. that's crazy. and the defense has had this for two years. and now saying they didn't know anything about it. not going to fly. >> dan, you were saying yesterday no way do you think casey will take the stand. nancy, you are feeling a little bit differently about that. we could see casey anthony take the stand? >> well, i think the more the defense puts up that -- the more they're painting themselves into a box, that makes it more desperate for them, more likely she will take the stand. conventional wisdom is, never, ever, never and never put your client on the stand. which i think baez will probably do it. >> yeah.
7:39 am
i was going to say -- i was going to say to force nancy's hand on whether she's going to take the stand. it's a tough call. it is a tough, tough call. but i don't think it's going to happen. >> dan, nancy, we can tell you're feeling better. thank you, guys. >> bye. >> you can see more tonight on the casey anthony trial on a special "nightline," at 10:00. sam? >> thank you, robin. thunderstorms start popping into the northeast right along the stationary front. there are five states that have flood watches out for this area. we think it will be one to two inches of rain but since it lasts a couple of days it will be more. where some celebration is going on. eastern texas from san antonio and the border there all the way up toward shreveport getting a heavy line of thunderstorms. this is one to two inches of rain here. 80% of texas is in the highest level of drought. they're getting one to two inches of rain in east texas. that's a very good thing. this is the hot zone where the storms are in red.
7:40 am
and all that weather was brought to you by orkin. i mean, we have all these monitors, robin. i think we should use them. >> just saying. just saying. all right, sam. thank you. coming up next, mobile meltdown. what happens when bad behavior is caught on camera? well, it goes viral. we'll see it when we come back. [ male announcer ] in america, we believe anyone can be a hero.
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all of us have metropolitans when we say or do something we regret. thanks to the internet and the little cameras that almost all of us carry are a lot more are having more of those when their behavior goes viral. john, who needs big brother when we all have these. >> reporter: it might be one of the most unintended consequences of the digital age. maybe the internet is making it much riskier to be a jerk. be careful what you say on the train because someone might be watching and filming. when the conductor asked this woman to stop cursing on her phone she got very mad -- >> i would like my money back providing this trip to wherever the next trip is. >> reporter: and very learned. >> i'm not acrazy person. i'm a very well educated person. >> reporter: yikes. the internet took that and went
7:45 am
viral. the video received millions of hits on youtube and scathing comments like "educated does not mean, smart, tactful, well mannered, classy or dignified." >> oh, oh. >> this subway ride was just as undignified when two women got in a fight over eating noodles. there were no winners but there were more than 400,000 hits on youtube. in texas at one movie theater if you text during the film they won't just throw you out they'll post your phone call if you complain bit. >> excuse me for using my phone in usa, magnited states of america where you are free to text in a these sfwler more than 2 million hits. in florida, steve had a problem. >> i know you have to take crap from your neighbors. >> somebody was throwing bags of waste. >> i bought a video camera and
7:46 am
mounted it on the house and just let it rung. >> he caught his neighbor dropping the droppings again and again and again. he used the video to turn the guy in and get the place cleaned up and posted the video on youtube for extra measure. nothing like public shame to keep us in line. so some momentums, well, might just be better private like when this woman in hong kong missed her flight. so painful. nearly 7 million hits on that one. you know, one of the most recent example of being busted and shamed online are riots in vancouver. people have been going through these pictures and identifying the worst creeps online. so i mean i guess the lesson here, guys, if you're going to be a jerk don't do it near a cell phone. >> everyone has a cell phone all the time. don't be a jerk. okay, john, thanks very much. another viral blowup no laughing matter. tracy morgan's big apology.
7:47 am
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still ahead, my home decorating finds for under 50
7:56 am
bucks. how you can decorate in style without breaking the bank. a cooldown for bay area residents living near the coast. mike nicco has more on how it will look this week. >> mid 90s and upper 90s and that is cooler than yesterday. coolest is mid to upper 50s. cooling trend will continue through saturday. >> bay bridge toll plaza is backed up to the maze. the slowest drive times in the bay area, southbound 880 at you make your way through hayward. 238 down to dakota 28 minutes
7:57 am
and through altamont pass, 680 and sluggish 280 out of san jose to cupertino. >> the news continues now with
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ let's talk about sex our audience in times square. i don't think they hear the song that's being played right now if you see the big smiles on their faces. >> they cannot hear salt-n-pepa? >> we'll talk about hot topics. should parents allow teenagers to have sex in their home, under their roof? a lot of parents believe that's the best thing to do right now. >> with their knowledge. >> with their knowledge. that's the whole thing. this is all open. she got into that debate and we'll continue it here. >> three parents on the panel right here.
8:01 am
yes or no? >> that's a big no, i would say, big, big no. >> i'm for don't ask, don't tell. >> if they can sneak -- >> not mine. >> that's a whole other story. >> but much later when they come home for vacation -- if they are 20, they will sleep in different rooms. >> we're talking a high schooler. >> 15? >> no. >> thank you, stephanopoulos. >> whew. really getting worried. plus, little girls, like the one you're about to see, are becoming internet stars. wow. they're giving makeup tips. it's too cute for words? or is it just too much too soon? well, we're going to find out. what's going to heat up the whole index over there? >> funny you should ask. the president is plenty busy trying to turn the economy around. still has time to stop some babies from crying. a video you have to see to believe. all ahead in just a minute. >> cute little baby. he goes and stops the baby from crying.
8:02 am
josh, the news? george, plenty to get to this morning. we'll begin with that breaking news overseas. at least 40 al qaeda militants have escaped from a jail in southern yemen this morning. the prisoners attacked the guards stealing their weapons, adding to instability in the country. meanwhile, about 10,000 u.s. troops fighting in afghanistan could be home by this time next year. that's what we're expecting to hear from president obama during a primetime address on his troop withdrawal plan. abc news will bring you live coverage of the president's address tonight, again, beginning at 8:00 eastern. former vice president al gore is taking on president obama on global warming. in an essay in the magazine, "rolling stone," gore says president obama has yet to make the case for bold action on climate change and made little progress since the bush administration. meanwhile, this morning 11,000 people have been ordered to evacuate their homes in minot, north dakota. the city, facing the worst flooding in four decades. parts of the town could be underwater into august.
8:03 am
a major arrest south of the border. the boss of one of the largest mexican drug cartels is in custody. "the monkey" known for a reign of terror including the murders of at least 12 police officers. now, to a story that shocked fans and friends of tracy morgan. he's once again apologizing this morning for his recent anti-gay rant. here's our yunji de nies. >> reporter: there were no smiles. no laughter, as tracy morgan took the mic to apologize for his inflammatory comedy act. >> i pride myself on 18 years of stand-up of using it to heal people, and not hurt. that was my whole thing. and i hurt people with this. >> reporter: earlier this month, at nashville's historic ryman, morgan went on a homophobic rant.
8:04 am
telling the audience if his son was gay he would pull out a knife and stab him. morgan's performance was not recorded. it may have gone unnoticed had it not been for facebook. kevin rogers wrote a post about the offensive tirade. and it went viral. the actor usually known for his funny bone -- >> she knows i can't sleep without the sound of the ocean and the smell of bacon. >> reporter: -- was met with outrage online. and his comedic colleagues all spoke out about what he said. the chorus grew loud and clearly resonated with this now-sorry star. >> i don't have a hateful bone in my body, from the bottom of my heart. and i apologize to who i offended with my words. >> reporter: kevin rogers accepted that apology and a heartfelt hug. >> i felt tracy was being very open, very heart felt. i felt that, you know, he truly meant the things that he was saying. >> reporter: morgan can only hope the rest of his fans will
8:05 am
feel the same. >> peace. >> reporter: for "good morning america," yunji de nies, abc news. >> thank you, yunji. here's our diane sawyer with a preview of tonight's "world news." diane? >> so, good morning to you, josh. so, here it is. you're way too young to be concerned, of course, but we know the top ten things that cause you to put on the pounds as you age. and we'll show you them, probably all around everybody. so, be sure to tune in tonight on "world news". >> all have to worry about prosperity. hands off, roberts. finally, this is great stuff. a walmart shopper in texas has just had enough of the petty crime. so, when she saw three guys stealing beer, check this out, she left her spot in the checkout line and chased them out to the parking lot. and on to the camaro and tried to hang on as they sped off. >> is she okay? >> yes. she slowed them down enough to allow police to catch up.
8:06 am
they pinned one suspect against a fence. and here's the best part. the crime fighter's extraordinary name, monique lawless. do not mess with monique. >> hopping on the hood. >> oh, boy. some action movie stuff. terrific, great. >> thanks, josh. thanks so much. time for the buzziest entertainment news and lara is at our pop news big board. >> in our pop news heat index what's cool, hot and next. here's what everybody will be talking about today. it's your pop culture fix. adele. she has been ordered to do something that we would have a hard time with, not talk. clam up and or a month to boot, that cannot easy. doctors have ordered the soulful gal with the voice to pipe down or risk doing permanent damage to the throat. we wish her the best. and next up, nicole richie. her 2 million twitter physical lowers got to enjoy some of her
8:07 am
fabulous footwork. she tweeted footage of herself in a danceoff with a friend, shaking that groove thing to the britney spears hit "i'm a slave for you." and it got a little sizzling. she really does look great. next up -- are you ready? are you ready for newlyweds part 2? of course, two, yep, nick lachey did it with nicole simpson and now he's doing it again with his fiancee, vanessa. upcoming will air on tlc. how hot is this story? 98 degrees. work with me, people. all right. moving on. finally president obama, a baby. the leader of the free world worked his magic on this baby a few weeks ago. the first lady tries to quiet down the fussy friend. she got no luck doing it. hands the bawling baby to the
8:08 am
big man. and presto. the tot is transfixed. and she looks shocked that the dad in chief hasn't lost his touch. did you see the little swagger? >> i got it. i still got it. >> the president said michelle didn't want any more kids. maybe he'll change his mind. >> 98 degrees. you need to have that in your repertoire of sound effects. a rim shot. lara, thank you. let's get outside. oh, it's a gorgeous day again. with sam. sam? >> good morning, robin. everybody, go ahead and let it out. it is too good of a day. we met some incredibly nice people including this young couple from missouri. your name. >> charlie clark. >> and marianne. >> reporter: it's marry anne's birthday. >> happy birthday. >> we're so glad you're here
8:09 am
with us this morning. one or two things going on as we head out the door. in minneapolis looking at the witch's hat water tower through there. a line of rain that will come in today. it's not necessarily the worst storms on the board. but it is some heavy rain. and this is where flooding will be an issue. you can take that northern minnesota area, and run it all the way across the great lakes. and central new york state. and even a little western new jersey, will get some heavy rain today. 20 states have flood watches or warnings or advisories right now. as cooler air works into the northwest, just in time for what? yep. my trip to san francisco. it was 90 degrees in san francisco the other day. it will be 6 1 thursday when i get there. thanks, san francisco.
8:10 am
it is a warm, summary day in times square. oh, lara. >> oh, sammy. here's a look at what's ahead on "gma." the kids are all right. but is it all right for teens to have sex in your home? elisabeth hasselbeck goes inside parenting's newest controversy. too cute? or too much too soon? children giving makeup tips. we'll look at the new faces of online stardom. and summer's hottest decorating trends all yours for under $50. got to see it to believe it on "good morning america." the new $3 flatbread breakfast combo. [ moos ] a toasty 6-inch flatbread breakfast sandwich
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and the ones tomorrow will bring. prudential. bring your challenges. a hot topic we've been kick around, should parents allow their teenagers to have sex in their homes? elisabeth hasselbeck is taking this on with parents and teens and once you get people talking, you can't get them to stop. >> twitter has been blowing up all morning. i sat down with a panel of parents and a separate panel of teens and you may be surprised the who was in favor of it and who was against it. ♪ >> reporter: patty strives to be a responsible parent. that's why she says she told her 18-year-old son that if he wants to have sex, she's not only okay with the idea she'd prefer he'd do it in the family. >> hoshe contend s teens that dt
8:16 am
at home are safer. >> it's just environments are better than a motel, a car or park or wherever they're doing it these days. >> reporter: patty is not alone. the internet is abuzz with message boards that says they're allowing teenagers to have sex in the family home. an article this woman posted about a woman who allows her teenage son to have sex with his girlfriend in his bedroom set off a firestorm. some accuse the mother of ruining a cheap motel. that wasn't the woman's intent, she says. >> it was more the attitude kids are going to do it anyway. why not make it it's in a comfortable, safer environment? >> reporter: chloe says allowing teens to have sex at home it ensures they have somewhere to
8:17 am
run if something goes wrong and allowed her daughter to have sex in the family apartment. >> i was okay with her having sex in my home because of the relationship she was in, because of the teenager that she is, her boyfriend would sleep over, probably once a week, and i was comfortable with that. >> reporter: we asked chloe to join three fellow parents of teens in a panel discussion. all represented different families and different views. >> do you see it as giving in allowing kids to have sex in the home. >> you don't drink in my home. you don't bring home a girl or a boy, you know, and close the door and run around in my home. it's decency and sanctity of what we call home. >> they're really completely different issues and i think that, you know, my daughter has respect for our home. >> reporter: does hidden sex mean less safe sex?
8:18 am
>> not at all. >> for me it does. if they're having it outside the home, who knows who they're having it with? you know, there's a bigger chance, i think, of less safe sex, more, different partners. >> reporter: and while some parents on our panel seemed to long for the times like those portrayed in the feature film "grease!" when if teens were having sex they were doing it secretly in cars most agreed it's a new millennium and another group are channeling another movie set of amy poehler in "mean girls." >> do you need anything, snack, a condom, let me know. >> i'm not sure i personally would feel comfortable being at home knowing that my teenager is having sex in the next room. >> my biggest fear for other parents who would permit it would be that that young boy, young girl is pretty much stained for life as a slut. >> yeah, reputation. >> because they're having sex?
8:19 am
>> no, because openly promoted by the parents that that is okay. >> reputation. >> reporter: as for the panel of teens we chatted with they were both intrigued and horrified at the idea of having sex within earshot of their parents. >> it should happen. it's not like if you do it it has to be there or there. >> reporter: do you feel it has to be separate from the parents? >> yes. >> strange if there's parents there. if the parents are up there you're going to be thinking bit the whole time. >> i would never want to do that i think it's awkward. >> reporter: the young women noted having parents too open to having sex may make it more difficult to say no to their boyfriends. if your boyfriend knows you're allowed to go home and do it, does that put more pressure on you. >> if he knows there's an open, available house, i think that takes away one of your -- >> like how do you say no? a lot of times if they are sea saying let's indite, you blame
8:20 am
it on your parents. you're like, no, i can't. my parents would kill me. if that whole thing is gone, what do you say? >> the child psychiatrist we spoke with said as long as the teens involved are of the legal age of consent he sees nothing wong with the idea of teens having sex in a home. >> the chances are the sexual experience will be safer and more enjoyable at home as long as it's not done in secrecy and guilt. >> reporter: as for patty, she says she's given the matter a lot of thought and that for her family she's made the right decision. >> with my son having sex in my house, maybe he does want to, maybe he doesn't but at least he has that option. he knows he can be here to have the sex and be safe. >> boy, so much there to chew on. >> there really is. one thing is, indeed in the minds of some parents it's making teen sex more safe. is the judgment dangerous, as well, if they're seen as
8:21 am
promiscuous. >> he said especially a young woman saying trying to take it slow saying no, you necessarily don't want all that permission out there. >> they felt disarmed in terms of a defense against having sex or more sex. another topic. is the parent that allows sex in the home, are they obligated to alert parents of other teens in the home? >> i was going to ask that because the first mother who said it was okay for her son, i'm like, well, what about the woman -- the young woman he's having sex with? do her parents know? >> she indeed have communication with the parents about it and said it would be permitted in the home. >> across the board. >> how do you govern it? how do you discipline it? do you take it away like keys to the car if it's not going well? >> the age matters. maybe we don't all agree but 14, 15, no way and there are all these studies that show that -- especially for women if they have sex very young they're more
8:22 am
likely to divorce young. >> a lot of parents were saying, if i'm not having sex in the homes, my teens are not having sex. bottom line. >> but there are people that are lighting up about this and talking about it and it's looking at the parents too. and saying it's one thing to educate your child about sex, it's another thing to provide a bed for them to have it. >> absolutely. we want to you weigh in, as well. what do you think? is it okay for parents to allow teens to have sex at home? vote now using the app on your phone or go to our website. >> if i'm not having sex, nobody is having sex. thanks. from one controversy over kids to the next. a little milder. a lot of kids are turning into stars online. some little girls are making big waves for how they're showing everyone else how to put on makeup. now it seems so innocent. bianna golodryga. >> i don't know where to begin. this little girl knows more about makeup than i do.
8:23 am
we know that little girls have been obsessed with makeup and watch their mops put it on and seen their favorite actresses and singers wear it. virtually every woman in their lives wears makeup. what happens if a simple game turns into an online makeup tutorial attracting millions of viewers. >> hi, everybody. it's me, madison. >> meet youtube's latest sensation. >> you have shimmeringy and sparkles. >> reporter: she's cute, sassy and at just 5 years old one of the youngest mini makeup gurus around. >> reporter: people are captivated about this little girl. they have generated over 1.2 million clicks. this video alone, over 700,000. >> i really like to blend makeup. >> some people don't know how to put makeup on. >> reporter: taking the internet
8:24 am
world by storm between 3 and 11 becoming a bursting trend. young girls and their online beauty tips which is how madison got started. >> when i started watching the youtube videos and she would watch them with me and one day she just asked me if she can record herself an she what she looks like doing the video. >> you can like put on your eye, your cheeks, your mouth. it's so much fun. >> reporter: adorable lisp aside madison's fascination is starting a debate. how young is too young when it comes to little girls and makeup. >> it's weird for a little girl to know about on contouring and makeup and angles. >> reporter: although there is that irresistible cute market. parenting experts say there could be more at stake. >> we sexualize young girls, the products whether push-up products for tween girls or
8:25 am
shape-ups for girls to firm their butt, all of this sends the message our girls are not good enough or only valued based on their bodies. >> reporter: but her mother believes what her daughter is doing is just plain fun. >> she's just a regular 5-year-old. she's just pretending. the same thing if she were dressing up in my clothes or wearing high heels. when she starts asking to wear makeup every day then i'd get worried. >> blush. >> reporter: what does madison think about all the reaction to her videos? >> makeup is for everybody. >> now, i asked madison what she meant by that. she said it's for everybody but it's for adults. she's not allowed to wear makeup on a daily basis. many i'm only allowed to wear it on the fourth of july, allowed to paint a flag on her cheek. there are countless others that have these online. whether or not they're allowed to wear it every day and does it affect their self-esteem.
8:26 am
i asked madison -- we have a genius makeup team. i wondered if she had any advice for us. take a look. >> oh boy. >> robin looks very pretty but she needs some pink blush on like peachy blush on her cheeks. bian bianna, you look pretty but you might need some white or a pink lipstick and some little bit of coraly blush and some purple eye shadow and that's it. >> and that's it. clearly i kneed a lot more help than you did. >> i love when someone says you're pretty but -- never good. >> duly noted, madison. >> thank you, madison and thank you, bianna. much more coming up. holt trends for your home under 50 bucks.
8:27 am
we should know more today about how bryan stow is doing after a brutal beating outside dodgers stadium. he has been in a coma since the beating. he is at san francisco general where he is listed in critical condition. the main suspect giovanni ramirez will remain in custody on unrelated parole violation. >> for some reason we had numerous accidents, two of them hot spots. one is an injury motorcycle crash whipple in hayward. another one at highway 87 and
8:28 am
the bay bridge toll plaza is still backed up past 880. >> when we come back, mike has a look
8:29 am
welcome back. we see warm weather around livermore and antioch. 70 degrees and we have temperatures in the 50s and 60s. we're off to a warm start but the sea breeze is kicking in. mid to upper 60s, half moon bay, san francisco, mid to upper 70s,
8:30 am
richmond and san mateo, mid to upper 80s and mid 90s in the valleys. ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> these three high-flying yo g youngens are an international smash. >> the italian jonas brothers. they're good and are going to be singing here in just a bit. all this great food. fantastic summer barbecue from amber. great grilled chicken. a steak knife making some of
8:31 am
that. >> while you guys are snacking i was shopping. a lot of money we saved. the hottest trends in home design. my personal passion, wait till you see what i found for all under $50. i know you can't wait. >> that's right. sure can't. somehow i think i will a end up on the -- >> don't worry. you'll be fining. >> there was a picture of you on the set. >> now i'm in complete trouble. sam, please. page me. >> let's get to the boards. one or two things going on. some heat building and there will be thunderstorms that roll through here, as well. here's what folks are excited about in texas. what is that falling from the sky because they haven't seen rain in so long. 85% of the state is at the highest level of droughts. thunderstorms getting ready to move through that texas area for a good part of the morning. facebook pictures. we saw some great one, trees down, sky conditions. terri, don't you love when
8:32 am
people do that, holding up the sunshine. i want one of those pictures. i got to take one of those now. i was like concentrating. here's where they're rolling from shreveport toll memphis to philly. when you take that and go through the mid-atlantic these will develop in the afternoon. skies in the northeast looking pretty good but the storms do erupt later on today. >> all the way over on times square, it's robin roberts. >> all right. it is a first full day of summer and that means we're going to be spending a lot of time outside. a lot of time grilling and we
8:33 am
see you on the food network. >> yes. and coming up soon next "iron chef." >> i love your hair. >> shocking, isn't it? i'm like a ray of sunshine. >> what are you going to cook for us this morning? >> can you take this? >> summertime, i'm always like, let's be outside and grilling and grilling is one of those things that a lot of people are like, oh, it's the man's job. >> say it just like that. >> i think about the fire and outside and drink beer. i like to do all that stuff too and how can i make new stuff for chicken. chicken is one of those things, we all love to make a little grilled chicken so i like to make a zesty grilled chicken and marinate it with de jedijon mus. a little fresh squeezed lemon juice, rosemary, a little spicy
8:34 am
stuff, crushed red pepper. a little bit if you're not a spicy gir, leave it out, a little salt then you just mix it up and toss it on your chicken or brush it on there. if you're going to a cookout you can toss it in a ziploc bag own on the way, toss it right in the garba garbage. one of my other favorite things, i like to do make a grilled lemon, look how sexy this looks. i squeeze it over your chicken and it's like -- it's so good. >> just like summer. >> a grilled potato. you don't think of grilling potatoes but toss all this stuff on the grill then there's very little cleanup. marinate the chicken and toss it on and have grilled potatoes. look at these guys eating already. i love that, i love that. >> sometimes tricky, chicken on
8:35 am
a grill. so how long, how do you know -- >> chicken is one of those things -- if you're not sure about chicken, i highly recommend using a thermometer. check its temperature. it needs to be cooked to at least 165 degrees. have you take it off and rest a little bit. one of these, just stick it it in there. make you don't stick it all the way through. >> how did you make it stay so moist? >> i took its temperatures. amazing what a term will do. >> what about these -- >> my grilled potatoes and onions, all like one cooking method thing in there. >> just want to take it all, throw it on the grill. >> i don't want to be trapped in the kitchen. i want to be outside and within friends and family. we have a peach or nectarine shortcake and i love these little sort of biscuits. >> nectarine. >> with a little vanilla whipped
8:36 am
cream. we love that. >> how about this slaw? >> i'm always about what can i do with something -- little twists how can i put my footprint on it. so i take broccoli stems and save the florets and take my little money item and -- the stems, so crunchy, so delicious. >> you throw all that away and they charge you for that at the grocery store. >> yeah. >> makes me so angry. >> they take this and they charge you like twice as much for just this so i spines spend half as much and use it all and get twice a much. [ cheers ] >> so how do you do it? >> peel up these guys, then you just do it like this. i have some -- i have my brooklyn stems and celery and red onion, a little corn -- >> i love those.
8:37 am
>> put everything together. toss it with a little mayonnaise, mustard, garlic and a little -- woo. and a little vinegar and voila. >> very simple. >> i just -- i like to put a little apple. a little sweet and tangy, delicious, so there we go. we have all kinds of our fresh, summer things we know but with a little twist on it. that will make things nice and answer. >> a little anne borrell. >> the broccoli and slaw, the biggest stuff me me all day. >> my hands are full. >> get our recipes online coming up, lara and the list. we'll be right back. úa
8:38 am
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fern prints are on trend. we found these beauties that give excellence bang for your buck at $49.9 each. from the '60s we jump a decade to '70s inspired shag. >> a lot of people think shag rug and they get a vision of like a '70s like bad movie. >> they think "the brady bunch" but we've come a long way. it is fun, it's different, the quality is incredible and it's very fashion forward. >> all right. we've got some examples of all of these trends and our own fashion maven josh is here. were are the in colors for the season. >> fuchsia. >> and kelly green and orange. >> lavender. black, white. >> of course, george knows the poof is in. >> i didn't know sea anemones are in. >> and it sheds too. this is one i brought in honor of you because it's so manley,
8:44 am
the trend of flaps. >> i will love the, love the globe and the web, get the world. ready to go out there. >> you can do a town or place that's personal for you. this was $50 at home goods, 24.99 at urban outfitters. >> yeah, but you can find -- >> or for free at the subway station, thank you, josh. the next trend, the industrial look, doesn't have to feel cold and factory like but it's sort of like this lamps feels like an old movie lamp and they're harkening back to hold -- >> a guy who can't decorate and adds an industrial look. >> whatever it takes, it's in. all about recycling. sheet metal this is and that's the idea of it. >> yes, right. >> and last but not last chevron
8:45 am
stripes, the zigzag is so hot looking any big machine you'll see it any retailer so you can be on point. >> i consciously object to the chevron. it is just for charlybrown. >> i can only panel what your house is looking like. >> it is a wreck. >> i can believe it. well -- >> it's the industrial look. >> listen, please go to our website and you, as well, if you like anything you saw, the next great teen sensation performs live. [ cherie ] i always had a job, ever since i was fourteen.
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[ male announcer ] find your program at time now for the italian act taking the world by storm called
8:48 am
il volo. i want to make sure i get them right, piero, gianluca, ignazio. welcome. >> thank you. >> so we were just saying a little bit ago you're called the italian jonas brothers? >> it's great, it's great because we are so young and when the people say that, that's great emotion. >> instead your story is incredible. went to italy's version of "american idol" and took it by storm and since then you have met everybody. what was lady gaga like? >> she was amazing. we meet lady gaga and all the artists. >> how do like the states so far? >> they are so humble and the stage is -- >> and we must be humble. >> well, you're humble but you're also incredibly talent so
8:49 am
we want to you hear you sing. this is the classic "o solo m " mia". ♪
8:50 am
♪ ♪ ♪
8:51 am
♪ [ singing o sole m ichio" ] ♪ ♪
8:52 am
[ singing "o sole mio" ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
8:53 am
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[ cheers and applause ] >> how great were il volo? thank you very much. playing at the beacon theatre this week. fantastic. >> beautiful, beautiful, beautiful music.
8:56 am
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this morning, opponents of a november ballot initiative of circumcision are filing a lawsuit. they say it violates a state law that prohibits local governments from enacting restrictions on medical procedures. >> groups say that it is painful and cruel. mike is here with a look at the forecast. >> still going to be warm to even hot away from the coast. coast is mid to upper 50s. 80s and 90s hanging around before a cooling trend takes over before the weekend. >> a motorcycle accident us a come off the golden gate bridge into san francisco at lombard. southbound 101 jammed through willow because of


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